Social Justice Speaker Series

The UC Hastings Social Justice Speakers Series features UC Hastings professors giving lectures at UC Santa Cruz on important topics concerning social justice.

Upcoming lectures:

There is no scheduled lecture at this time.

Previous lectures:

Hadar Aviram delivered a lecture on May 9 titled "Cheap on Crime: The Transformation of American Punishment." She spoke on the American prison system and the transformation of punishment. Her book, "Cheap on Crime: Recession-Era Politics and the Transformation of Punishment" (UC Press, 2015) examines the impact of the financial crisis on the American penal landscape.

Professor Joel Paul spoke about legal reform of child labor in a talk entitled, "Trading Up: How to Make Globalization Work for People." The growth in global trade strains the global environment, exploits workers, and challenges traditional cultures. His talk will focus on how society can find a way to harness the market forces of globalization to promote sustainability, improve the lives of workers, and support democratic pluralism. Read the recap of his lecture >

Lawyer and Professor Morris Ratner, presented a talk entitled "A Monument Man in the Courtroom: Litigating the Holocaust." This lecture explored what justice means for victims of major atrocities. View a video of his lecture >

Provost and Academic Dean Elizabeth Hillman spoke about her efforts to reform the way sexual assault is handled in the military and her work on various congressional committees on this issue. Read the recap of her lecture >

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