Your 3 + 3 Timeline

A. Complete the following:

1. Complete the Declaration of Interest Google form to be added to the 3+3 mailing list and receive important notifications.
2. Select, qualify, and declare an undergraduate major ASAP. Most majors have qualification criteria for declaring. Consult the General Catalog to learn how to qualify for your intended major.
3. Meet with your intended Major Adviser to map out a plan to complete your requirements in 3 years. Have them sign your plan to certify that you have met with them.
4. Meet with your College Adviser to complete your 3 year plan with remaining GE requirements. Have them sign your plan to certify that you have met with them.
5. Sign up for the Career Center’s Pre-Law email listserv.
6. Attend a pre-law workshop with the Pre-law Coach at the Career Center to seek advice about the law school application process. They will advise you on each step of the process, including how to develop relationships with professors who might later write your letters of recommendation (attend office hours where possible), and how to secure internships or jobs, preferably in law-related fields.
7. Once you have complete each of these, make an appointment with a 3+3 peer advisor. Bring your signed 3 year plan to this meeting (with both college and major advisor signatures). These appointments must take place by the end of May of your sophomore year at the latest, if you want to have 3+3 certify that you are planning on graduating early to your major adviser.

B. Optional, but Highly Recommended:

1. Complete the Fall 3+3 Orientation.
2. Sign up for an LSAT prep course (consider taking a Kaplan course sponsored through 3+3/UCSC) & take the LSAT when you are well-prepared. Ask the pre-law advisor for advice on when and how often to take the LSAT. You may wait to take the LSAT in the Fall/Winter of your.

A. Complete the Following:

1. If you haven’t already, take an LSAT prep course in August, November, or January.
2. If you haven’t already, take the LSAT exam in September, December, or February.
3. Complete a graduation check signed off by your Major and College Advisers.

B. If you have completed all of these steps it is time to apply to UC Hastings:

1. Application - the Career Center’s pre-law workshops are very helpful for putting together your application. For additional help with the application process you may contact the Pre-Law Coach. Appointments can be made online through the Advising website.
2. Here is a brief checklist for your application.

a. Create an account with the Law School Admissions Council’s Credential Assembly Service (LSACCAS) early in your junior year and apply for a need-based fee waiver from LSAC (if relevant).
b. Secure letters of recommendation from two professors (store in CAS).
c. Complete your personal statement for your law school application.
d. Complete your resume for your law school application.
e. Your application should highlight your academic honors and awards, work experience, public service, significant achievements in extracurricular activities, and ability to overcome adversity.
f. Submit your law school application online via the LSAC CAS on or before March 1st!

C. In addition to your application, you need a letter from the Faculty Director. In order to obtain this letter, make an appointment with the faculty advisor.

1. Bring your entire application printed out to the meeting in order to ask for the required letter of assessment.
2. Bring a less than one page overview of five elements that you believe distinguish you as an exceptional applicant. After this meeting the faculty advisor will submit their letter.

D. In addition to your formal application you should:

1. Complete your financial aid application (if relevant) for your law school application and also research other scholarship/financial aid options.
2. Complete your UC Hastings LEOP application (if relevant).
Submit your law school application online via the LSAC CAS on or before March 1st!!

If you are accepted to UC Hastings as a 3+3 student:
3+3 Students should apply for graduation from UCSC via the student portal as soon as they are eligible to do so. Students who have not completed 180 credits at UCSC prior to attending UC Hastings will wait to apply for graduation until they transfer credits from their first term (or two) at UC Hastings. Students who have completed ALL requirements at UCSC (including credits) will apply for graduation prior to attending UC Hastings (spring/summer of junior year). ALL students who attend UC Hastings via 3+3 need to submit an Undergraduate Cancellation Notice with the Office of the Registrar at UCSC prior to matriculating to UC Hastings.

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