What is 3+3?

3+3 is an opportunity for UCSC students who have completed their UCSC requirements to apply to UC Hastings Law School in their Junior year (instead of their senior year). Interested students should consult this website to learn more about the requirements for UC Hastings admission and should contact UC Hastings admissions for any questions regarding their application to law school. 

In their junior year, students who are on track to complete their UCSC requirements by the end of their junior year should fill out the 3+3 Certification Form with their advisors to certify that they are on track. In the fall of their junior year, students should fill out the Pre-Application Director's Questionnaire. After completing thedr two forms, students will obtain a Director's Letter for their UC Hastings application.

The director's letter is the only aspect of the application that is different from the normal UCH application. If students have questions about the UC Hastings application process they are encouraged to contact UC Hastings admission or the Pre-Law Coach at the Career Center

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