How are a student’s credits from UC Hastings transferred to UCSC?

At the end of the examination period in the spring semester of your first year at UC Hastings, the UC Hastings Registrar will notify the UCSC Registrar that you have taken all your UC Hastings examinations.  Following the submission of grades at UC Hastings, the UC Hastings Registrar will certify to the UCSC Registrar that you have passed the first-year of the UC Hastings academic program.  The UC Hastings Registrar will provide official transcripts containing your grades to the UCSC Registrar, and the UC Hastings grades will be entered as grades on the UCSC transcripts.  

The UCSC Registrar will then apply 31 UC Hastings semester units of credit to complete your requirements for graduation from UCSC.  When the UCSC Registrar applies the 31 Hastings’ semester credits to the UCSC degree, these units will count as 46 UCSC- quarter credits. Credit toward the UCSC 180 credits requirement will be applied to any UC Hastings course in which you earned a passing grade or higher.  

Program participants thereby obtain the B.A. or B.S. degree after your first year of law school and will graduate from UCSC with the rest of your UCSC class.   If you are able to complete the UCSC 180 credits requirement at the end of the first semester at UC Hastings, then you may apply to graduate in January after submitting a transcript and requesting that UCSC review your candidacy and award the degree.

For any questions about transferring credits back to UCSC please contact the office of the registrar

What happens if a student withdraws from UC Hastings before completion of the first year of law school?

If you withdraw from UC Hastings prior to completion of the first-year curriculum, you may apply to the UCSC Registrar to transfer UC Hastings academic credit toward the UCSC B.A. or B.S. degree for any coursework that you successfully completed while at UC Hastings, subject to approval of the UCSC Registrar.   In such cases, you will be readmitted to UCSC as a Bachelor’s degree candidate.