UCSC Requirements

Is there any particular major that students should pursue for the 3+3 Program?
The 3+3 Program is open to UCSC students from any major.  Although many students enter law school from the disciplines of Politics and Legal Studies, no special course of study is required.  However, note that some undergraduate majors are more difficult to complete in three years of study than others. If you are interested in the 3+3 Program you should discuss your academic plans with your academic advisers to ensure that you will be able to complete your major in three years of study.

Are students who pursue a double major eligible to participate in the 3+3 Program?
Although it is possible to pursue a double major and still be eligible for the 3+3 Program, it is extremely difficult to fulfill all requirements for a double major in only three years of undergraduate education.

What requirements must students fulfill to participate in the Program?
To be eligible for the program, you must complete the following requirements by the end of your third year:

1. general education requirements;
2. major requirements, including the exit requirement;
3. at least 75 percent of the credits required for graduation from UCSC, and
4. the campus residency requirement.

For questions about the UCSC requirements please contact the office of the registrar

How and when do students apply to the 3+3 Program?
If you are interested in the program, you are encouraged to make your interest known to the UCSC pre-law adviser as early as possible to insure adequate pre-law counseling in meeting the eligibility requirements for the 3+3 Program.  Preferably, during the UCSC freshman year (and no later than the end of December of the sophomore year), you should declare your intent to participate in the 3+3 program to the UCSC Director of Legal Studies.

Are transfer students to UCSC eligible to apply?
Transfer students who have completed prior study at another institution are eligible to apply to the 3+3 Program.  However, because all major requirements will need to be completed by the end of the student's third year, it will be difficult for transfer students to participate in the 3+3 Program.


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