Richard Boswell, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Global Programs at UC Hastings

When do students apply to UC Hastings?
The UC Hastings’ application deadline is March 1st. Applicants should apply to UC Hastings as early as possible in their junior year and no later than March 1st for enrollment at UC Hastings beginning the following August.  UC Hastings considers applications for fall semester enrollment only; it is not possible to begin classes at UC Hastings during the spring or summer terms.

What is required for a completed application to UC Hastings?
A complete application to UC Hastings consists of:

  • LSAC CAS Report
  • an official transcript
  • LSAT score
  • a Personal Statement
  • a resume
  • two letters of recommendation
  • 3+3 Director's assessment letter
  • $75 application fee.

How do students submit their applications to UC Hastings?
You must submit your application online via the LSAC CAS for admission to UC Hastings (with the exception of the UCSC Director of Legal Studies’ assessment letter which shall be mailed directly to the UC Hastings Assistant Dean of Admissions).  Your transcripts that are submitted to LSAC CAS must include all coursework that you have completed at UCSC through the fall quarter of your junior year.

Should students take a LSAT prep course?
You are not required to take a LSAT prep courses.   However, taking a LSAT prep course is one of the ways that you can improve your LSAT score.

When should 3+3 students take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)?
In order to take the LSAT, you must first create an account with the Law School Admissions Council’s Credential Assembly Service (LSAC CAS) on its website. This step should be done early in the fall quarter of a student's junior year at UCSC. Once registered, you will be eligible to take the LSAT in October, December and/or February of your junior year. The February administration of the LSAT is the last test that will be considered by the UC Hastings Admissions Office.

Does UC Hastings use an applicant's highest LSAT score or an average of the student’s scores when evaluating an application?
Although all reported LSAT scores are visible on an applicant’s CAS report, the UC Hastings Admissions Office gives primary consideration to an applicant's highest score.

Which is given more weight in the admissions decision, undergraduate GPA or LSAT scores?
The UC Hastings Admissions Office weighs each of these two factors equally in its decision, along with the qualitative information gleaned from your personal statement, recommendation letters, the assessment letter from the UCSC Director of Legal Studies, and the student’s resume.

Can students obtain a waiver of the UC Hastings application fee?
UC Hastings honors need-based fee waivers granted by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).

Are UCSC students eligible for UC Hastings financial aid?
Yes, UCSC students who are admitted to the UC Hastings J.D. program are eligible for financial aid from UC Hastings.  All applicants who plan to use financial aid to help cover the cost of attendance will need to file the Need Access Form.  Information from the Need Access Form is used to determine eligibility for grant and scholarship funds.  Financial aid packages can only be emailed to admitted students after data from their Need Access Form has been received.  Students planning to enroll at UC Hastings should also file the FAFSA if they plan to use federal loans to supplement UC Hastings' grant or scholarship aid.  Federal loan funds can cover up to the full cost of attendance (including living expenses) not offset by grant or scholarship awards.  For further information on financial aid at UC Hastings, see here.

Are UCSC students eligible for UC Hastings’ LEOP Program for disadvantaged students?
Yes, 3+3 students also are eligible to apply to UC Hastings’ Legal Education Opportunity Program (LEOP). For LEOP application instructions, see here.
Interested students must submit a LEOP Application and LEOP Application Supplement to UC Hastings that includes information about the adversity they faced and its impact on their academic preparation. For additional background on the LEOP Program, see here.

Is participation in the 3+3 Program a guarantee of admission to UC Hastings?
No. UCSC students must meet the same qualifications for admission to UC Hastings as other students. The UC Hastings Admissions Office makes the final decision on admission to UC Hastings College of Law.

Can 3+3 students apply for the Early Commitment Option at UC Hastings?

When can students expect to hear from the UC Hastings’ Admissions Office?
Applicants will be notified of the decision by the UC Hastings Admissions Office at the beginning of April.

If a student is admitted to UC Hastings in the 3+3 Program, must the student attend?
No. Applicants are not obligated to attend UC Hastings if they are accepted by the UC Hastings Admissions Office.

If a student is admitted to UC Hastings law school, what happens during the student’s senior year at UCSC?
Following admission to UC Hastings, 3+3 applicants become full-time first year law students – called a “1L” students at UC Hastings. They follow the same course of study as all other UC Hastings first-year law students. Upon successful completion of the first year of law school, the credits that 3+3 students have earned will be counted toward the completion of their bachelor’s degree requirements at UCSC. For questions about transferring credits from UC Hastings to UCSC or any related questions, please contact the office of the registrar